Space changes slower, than people. Separate object are both milestones,
that illustrate time, and indicators, that describe a human being. All these
objects provide visual information on
the owner: work tools, postcards and pictures pinned to the wall, books on
the shelf. Patterns and order of objects show rhythm, that drives intensity and shape of thoughts and ideas. Objects
and their placement paint a big picture
of a person, genuine space poetry,
imprint of lifestyles and culture.
When shooting a person at work, I
amplify the quality and increase
the volume of information I want to share. Personal space is nothing but a
projection of a soul and mind through objects and patterns they’re placed in. I love photographing artists in their
studios. We typically have access to
final results their work: painting,
sculpture etc. Sometimes we get a
chance to look at an artist.

But under the surface stays the struggle with the inner and outer worlds, will and effort, allocated to acceptance of art within the artist’s mind and soul. Studios and workshops bear pieces, that will never see the outside world: galleries and exhibitions. All draft paintings, burned manuscripts and broken relationships are never to get to the outside world. Not often do sizes of personal space and personal inner world match. I can see an entire universe, created by an artist being carefully contained within a basement or a tiny apartment. Workshops and studios act as an entry point into artists’ inner world as long as they are willing to let someone in. What does an artist feel, when locking the door and staying inside on his or her own? How does one perceive silence in there? How does one enjoy silence in there? Where is the artist most sincere: at home or in the studio? I join artists within their space. This way I study a person through space and space through a person.

Actor Artem Vusyk in theatre​
Artist Janetta Solovyova in her workshop​
Dj Easy (Vladislav Burkun) in his apartments
Artist Sergey Aliev-Kovyka in his workshop
Artist Aleksey Rastiapin in his workshop
Artist Kamilla Davliatshina in “Aza Nizi Maza” studio
Artist Vachagan Norazyan in his workshop
Puppet engineer Oleg Zablotskiy in his workshop
Architect Sergey Ilchenko in his studio
Actors Bogdan Siniavskiy and Nikolay Mikhalchenko
Actors Bogdan Siniavskiy and Nikolay Mikhalchenko in theatre
Artist Tatiana Chebannik in her apartment
Artist Roman Minin in his workshop
Artist Violetta Terlyga in her workshop
Street-artist Gamlet Zinkovskiy in his apartments
Artist Vitaliy Kohan in his workshop
Artist Dariia Ozerova in her studio
Actor, Musician Denis Chmelev in theatre

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