Photographs with closed eyes seem invite us to spy on person’s dreams and inner silence. This makes it possible to consider a person without being confused. Which of our dreams stay with us? If you fly in a dream, does this mean that you can, too, in reality? Where am I real - in reality or in a state of sleep?

The cycle “Dreamers” is a story about our relationship with the subconscious, with inner loneliness, with our dreams, with a world that constantly argues with reality for the right to be called our “real”. Our dreams are the keys that we give each other, the excuse to enter the world of artfully constructed non-reality.

Nina Khyzhna
Aleksandra Tsymbal
Anna Novgorodova
Galina Galkina
Yurii Andruhovich
Sergey Zhadan
Katia Schcherbak
Vika Taranenko
Karina Khramtsova
Karina Litvinenko

Rajko Bozich

Maria Kakurina

Valeriya Buinenko

Anna Kolomiytseva

Lesia Dvorichanskaya

Kamilla Davliatshina
Borys Petrov
Yulia Antonova
Aleksandra Khobotova
Elena Grishanova
Daria Grishanova

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